We hope you all had a very safe and happy holiday season. We have been busy at the shop making some changes. As some of you may have noticed we are no long offering salon services. We decided to move on and focus on tattooing. We thank the ladies involved with the salon for their hard work! We plan on using that space to feature guest artist from other shops in the midwest and beyond. 

We are also happy to announce we have added a new full time artist. Tim Jewell was one of the original Permanent Addictions artist before moving to another shop for some time. After some talking, we decided it would be best for Tim to rejoin the team. He will be tattooing by appointment, and also taking walk-ins. Tim enjoys traditional American tattooing, but with over 14 years experience is willing and able to do just about any style of tattooing. Stop in and meet Tim and set up an appointment today. 

You can now find us on Instagram. Our username there is Permanentaddictionstattoo. We will be trying our hardest to keep you up to date with tattoos and art we are doing there. You might have also noticed our new logo, we'd like to thank our friend Alix for her hard work. If you are interested in some design work, let us know and we will send you her way! 

If you are here, you obviously see we have updated the website! We encourage you to keep visiting as we are planning some fun things for 2017. Monthly specials on designs we are making, weekly specials on specific designs and tons of other really new ideas we have been working on. Follow us on Facebook and keep an eye open here for all those details! 

Nick and Andy are still tattooing full time also, you can stop in and visit with them, check out their work and make an appointment. Rob is working Thursday-Saturday currently and is accepting walk-ins or appointments, you can stop in those days to chat with Rob and get a new project started. 

Our apprentice Dan is learning more and more everyday, and he is a real sport putting up with all of us! He has currently been working on flash sheets, which will be designs he will be able to tattoo when he has reached that point in his apprenticeship. 

We thank you all for your support, we couldn't be as successful as we are without the help of our customers. Thank you for choosing us for your work, and remember, a referral is worth so much for folks in our industry. Take some cards and help spread the word!