Its been a minute since we have update. Tax time has come and we are busy tattooing! We thank you for making Permanent Addictions one of Sioux Falls premier tattoo shops. We will continue to do our work as advertised, Clean, Bold, Bright and Always Permanent. 

If you have been in over the last few months you may have noticed a few changes. Our good friend and award winning tattooer Jon Gamache joined the shop and we are very excited to have him on board! Jon worked with Nick and Tim previously at Permanent Addictions, so it felt natural to get the old crew back together. You can check out some of Jon's work on his page above, we will be adding more to the gallery soon, so keep your eyes peeled! He also has a portfolio at the shop that you can stop and see anytime! You can inquire above if you have any questions regarding Jon and his scheduling. 

Starting Wednesday we will also have another friend and award winning artist Erin Hoogendoorn- Bennett to our shop! Erin has over 10 year experience and has a way of always doing nice work while making her customers laugh. Erin was apprenticed at the same shop as Nick and Tim were, so again, there is some history with us tattooing together before. Erin has her portfolio on her page you can find above, and will be available by appointment and taking walk-ins when available. If you are interested in getting set up with Erin please call the shop (605) 373-0123, stopping in, or emailing the shop ( 

We still have T-shirts available, they have been moving so if you are interested make sure you don't wait until they are all gone! We can send them out if you are out of state and interested. They are $20 locally and $25 shipped. 

Nick has been busy tattooing and spent a week tattooing at one of our favorite shops, Electric Dragonland in Hopkins, Minnesota. It's an honor for Nick to be able to tattoo at a world famous shop with some of the most gifted artist in the midwest. Tim is tattooing by appointment and taking walk-ins whenever available. He has painted hundreds of designs that you can stop down and check out, or would be happy to draw something custom for you. You can also visit his website at Rob is working on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday all day and by appointment on Monday. If you are interested in his work, please contact the shop for his availability. 

Don't forget, there is not a single style that we are not interested in doing. We have a unique crew and its put together the way it is so that we can offer any style at any time. There is no design too big or too small. Color, or black and grey. Traditional or Realistic, we are here to serve Sioux Falls with the best tattoos in the region. If you are unsure which artist is best, contact us and we can help steer you in the right direction. 

We will post soon with more photos, the March flash special and a few other pieces of news! 

Thanks Sioux Falls! 

Permanent Addictions Tattoo Parlor, 

Nick, Tim, Jon, Erin, Rob, Dan, Ashley