We're going to be open Memorial Day and running a special for walk-ins! Fits for $50! If the design fits in this circle it's $50 (quarter for scale). First come first served so come by the shop on Monday to secure your deal. Have a safe weekend!

Our good friends at Prophecy Tattoo had a fire in their shop that left them without a place to work until construction on their shop is done. Luckily we had the space for them. It's been a blast having Jeremiah, Tyler and Lee doing tattoos with us. If you have been looking for any of the prophecy artist, you can call or stop in our shop, we will let you guys know when their shop is done. 

Along with the memorial day special Tim and Tyler (and whoever else has time) will be running a "flash friday" special on the 16th of June, if this goes good we will try it again on the 23rd. We want to give clients a chance to be able to walk up, choose one of the hundreds of hand painted designs we have at our shop, and get it for a fair price. This is a throwback to how tattoo shops worked in the old time, before cell phones and google. I will post a few recent photos at the end of this blog. 

We have all been busy and we are all taking appointments for the summer. We are happy to take walk-in clients when we are available to do so. If you are interested in making an appointment, or want to see if we have walk-in time, please don't hesitate to give us a call! (605) 373-0123

We want to thank you all for being loyal customers, we are proud to have the best tattoo clients in Sioux Falls, and work hard to bring you the best tattoos in Sioux Falls. Keep your eyes on our facebook for more details on specials, recent tattoos, and other happenings.