Hello everyone! It's been a while since we have updated, but we have been busy tattooing! 

First we'd like to bring the exciting news that we have welcomed our friend and wonderful artist Cait Hicks to our crew. Cait is a great artist that helps round our crew out perfectly. You can stop in, call, or email Cait to make an appointment. 

We have been very busy as of late, and there doesn't appear to be a end to that anytime soon. While we do enjoy and welcome walk-ins, an appointment will assure you have a specific time set aside from you. Part of the reason we have been expanding our crew is because we want to be able to take care of all of our clients. If you want an appointment on a specific day, we do recommend an appointment, but we encourage you to give us a call or stop in if you get a wild hair. 

Tim and Tyler have exciting news also, they both have babies due in May! Tyler and Jade will be expanding their family to 4 while Tim and Laura are welcoming their first. If you'd like in with Tim or Tyler during May, their hours may vary, but both will still be in and out of the shop while helping with the new additions. As always they have been busy tattooing and painting new flash for the shop. Most of you know that we have hundreds of hand painted designs hanging on our wall, we encourage you to come take a look anytime to see if we have a design that fits your needs, if not we are happy to draw you something, or tattoo any design you bring in! 

Nick, Jon, Ally and Erin are all staying busy with tattooing and family also, but ready to take on new clients and projects. They are also excited to see old clients come out of winter hybernation. 

We are as always thankful to have the best clients in Sioux Falls. It takes the best clients to make the best tattoo shop. Keep your ears open, we have more exciting news coming up soon!